Saturday, August 22, 2009


I'm pretty sure I've come across many surveys which talk about the importance of certain things in people's lives. However, I've always felt that these are kind of biased. I mean, either the test-takers have a hard time admitting to themselves certain truths, or the surveyors place unfair emphasis by way of the questions they choose to ask.

Sometimes, to get an accurate look at what is taking precence over people's lives it may be better to look at the natural reactions, rather than the self-conscious responses.

From the data given, it seems as though SEX is one of the hottest topics of interest in one's life. Taking precedence over God, Money, Power and health.

Sure, Sure... I can already hear the criticism brewing:
sex is a broad term. It's not necessarily always used in a lascivious way. Sometimes it's used as a noun instead of a verb in the case of biological gender.

Yes, true, but, 'god', 'power', 'health', and to a lesser extent, 'money'...are also fairly broad terms that aren't necessarily used to indicate associations with things of personal importance, which is the perspective which is of most interest here. So, that broadness carries over to almost all the terms, which would seem to compensate for any incongruity.

Then again, there is other possible criticism like:

You have absolutely NO fucking idea what you're doing or how statistics are meant to be handled.

Well, you might be onto something.. but.. all I'm doing is presenting the pertinent data.

You draw the conclusions for yourself.

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